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Concepts 4 Automotive Design - C A D

A transportation design studio, that develops design solutions on conceptual and realization aspects of the transportation design industry.

Located in the heart of the Middle East, in Amman, Jordan, we have the advantage of acting as a connecting point to all companies that are aspiring to enter the Middle East market place.

We are a team of multi-international passionate designers, with strategic partnership in Spain,Italy, India and China.

Our design solutions can exist in the meta verse & the real world, after all we are living the 2028 era!

Car design values, such as proportions and well-engineered technological solutions, combined with high-end materials are the core of C A D services.

In conclusion, Passion is our key-motivation!

Reem AL-Smeirat

The First Female Car Designer in the Middle East

C A D Founder & Design director

Reem AL-Smeirat, a pioneer in automotive design in the mena region with a competent experience in mobility design and the automotive industry.

She is the one behind the first Jordanian conceptual electric city car "PHOENIX" a design that was created in scale 1:1 and exhibited in Local festivals, and the Arab Innovation Network 2015.

Among many awards and recognitions, Reem received an honorary trophy by deputy Fawzy Al Dawoud a member of the Jordanian Parliament in a ceremony honoring Jordan's leading innovators.

Since 2014 Reem has been focusing on building a culture around car design by creating a car design tour where she would offer car design workshops to students, universities, and different organizations to shed the light on this field of study and break it through to the local community.

Reem was honored with the first female car designer in the middle east certification after finishing her masters degree in Transportation Design in Torino 2020.

She has built a career by working at different automotive manufacturers in Jordan, Germany and Italy.

Today we see her taking the lead by launching the first transportation design studio in the middle east.

In 2021 Concepts 4 Automotive Design, the transportation design studio that Reem is leading and is the design director, was recognized among the top 20 innovative Start-ups to look for in the MENA region.



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